4 metres

Water level in flooded Soomaa national park rised last day yesterday, and according to measurments of Riisa hydrological station reached 4 metres and 1 millimeter ! Now it is going slowly down, Flood is still there whole week, but level is less and less every day.  

Fifth Season starts

The water level in the rivers of Soomaa national park began to skyrocket since yesterday.  According to Riisa hydrometric station the water of Halliste river rises 2 centimetres every hour, wich makes half meter per day. Local people prepare their boats and canoes for the Fifth Season. Follow the Fifth Season Web-camera at Raudna river Read More …

Kickspark Trips on Frozen Rivers of Soomaa

Below is track with pictures from todays kickspark trip. Kicksparking is fun winter activity, in Soomaa national park frozen rivers provide great conditions for it. Kicksled are traditional means of transport on icy and snowy winter roads both in Estonia, as well in Scandinavia. Kickspark Trip In Soomaa National Park EveryTrail – Find hiking trails