Bog Shoeing

Walking on the bogs has been suggested by Lonely Planet as one of the greatest activity in Estonia. Bogshoes have been used to walk on wetlands throughout the times. These footwear allow us access to the places where it is hard or even impossible to reach by foot. One can go bogshoeing year around, every season has speciaties! 

NB! *From 23th of April to 24th of June we are not using bog shoes & we walk to the bog by planktrail or walk on the edge of bog (with rubber boots if nessesary) & we are not enter deeper into bog because of nesting birds!

In summer you are welcome to join one of our guided wilderness daytrips that combines bogshoeing and canoeing.


Guided bogshoeing trips
Number of participants
Price per person
1 person
90 EUR
2-4 persons
45 EUR
5-9 persons
35 EUR
10-14 persons
25 EUR
15-19 persons
20 EUR
20+ persons
15 EUR
Price includes guiding and rental of bogshoes.
For children under 12 years 50% discount

Bogshoers by bogpool