The flora and fauna of Soomaa National Park are compelling. When travelling on the rivers it is often necessary to navigate past fallen aspen trunks – typically the work of floods and beavers. Other signs of beavers, such as chewed stumps and beaver lodges are often clearly visible along the riverbanks. Besides beavers, another little water loving creature is quite common here – the otter.

During the great floods each year, numerous migratory water fowl can be seen on the flood plains. In the swamp forests it is possible to run into the White-backed Woodpecker and the Three-toed Woodpecker, while Lesser Spotted Eagles and Black Storks can be seen hovering above the flood plains. There are numerous nesting areas for Great Snipe on the alluvial meadows and Golden Eagles dwell in the fens.

Larger predators like wolves, lynxes and bears roam in the Soomaa wilderness and take advantage of the Park’s huge size.

In the warmer months, the flood plains are blue with Iris Sibiricas, while in In some places, the pink bells of Gladiolus Imbricatus can be seen blooming. Although it may sound surprising, Soomaa is also home to a variety of wild native orchids.