Dugout-Canoe Workshops

You are welcome to join our dugout canoe workshops in 2015. Haabjas is Estonian term for traditional dugout canoes, made os Aspen (Populus tremula) – haab in Estonian. This type of boats, the use and building has survived as living culture in villages of Soomaa national park. We think that the reason for survival of this ancient vechicle are natural seasonal floods, called Fifth Season by local people.

Our workshops are series of one day experiences, where we work on aspen log 3 hours, then have a lunch together and afternoon go for 2 hours paddle trip using log boat. Short walk to bog ends the day, and you can try wild swimming in the bog pool if you wish so!

We will regularly documantate the building prosess on photos and video, and publish it on blog, so you can read and learn about work that is already done.

Transfer is organized from hotels of Pärnu and rural guesthouses of Soomaa. Pick-up at 9 am, back in hotel at 5 pm.

Dates for workshops in 2014 are set to following days: June 10, June 17, July 01, July 08, July 15, July 22, August 5, August 12, August 19, August 26, Sept 23.

Instructor and your guide is Aivar Ruukel

130.- EUR if you are the only participant
90.- EUR per person if 2 people
80.- EUR per person if 3 people
70.- EUR per person if 4 people

Participation is limited for maximum 4 people

NB! We are happy to design a private programme about dugout canoes, and other Soomaa experiences that best suits your wishes,  time limits, budget and group size. Write or call us!