Sometimes Soomaa meadows are flooded before winter because of rain or even in midwinter beacause of snow-melt. If then weather turns suddenly back to minus degrees, all flood water freezes and it is best time to go kicksledding.

In serious winters rivers are covered by thick ice too – then we can go kicksledding on rivers too.

Kicksledding can be done with maximum of 33 people at the same time.

You can rent kicksleds from us with our suggestions at the place or you can also do it with the guide

Duration of trip is about 1-3 hours and length 3-8 km.

Booking +3725061896 (Aivar) and +3725147572 (Algis) via email

Price per person
20 EUR
Children till 12 years
15 EUR
GUIDED KICKSLEDDING – according to the agreed price