Canoeing is one of the best ways to explore the wilderness of Soomaa. Canoeing season usually lasts from April until October or until the rivers are covered with ice. Paddling is relaxing, fun, and easy to get the hang of.  We have 2- and 3-seat plastic canoes of canadian style. Before you set off, our staff show you how to handle your boat. One can choose between guided tours or do it on your own.

Book: One day canoe trip in Soomaa national park.

canoeing soomaa national park

You can choose inbetween selfguided & guided trip.

Canoe rental = selfguided canoeing in Soomaa


Price per person

25 EUR
Children 7 – 12 years
10 EUR
Children under 7 years
Price includes canoe, paddle, life jacket, route map, instructions and transportation between start and end points
Guided Canoe Trip in Soomaa
Number of participants
Price per person
1 person
120 EUR
2 persons
80 EUR
3-4 persons
60 EUR
5-9 persons
45 EUR
10+ persons
30 EUR
 Price guidance in English, canoe, paddle, life jacket, instructions and transportation between start and end points

Information and booking on the phone Aivar +372 5061896 or Algis +372 5147572, and/or by email