Winter Day-trips

The bogs and rivers of Soomaa become covered by ice in winter. This is the time when the marginal bog areas inaccessible in summer can be visited. Animal tracks can be easily observed on the snow. The diversified landscapes of Soomaa offer wonderful habitat to all creatures, great and small. Elks are quite common and have survived through low periods in local mires. The wild boar and roe deer have never become abundant, since their success is closely related to that of the wolf and lynx who feel at home in the area.

Your guide meets you at the vistitor centre of Soomaa National Park. Guided snowshoe hike will take you to mires, forests and floodplains. We will also try kick-sparking which is a fun winter activity, but depend on snow and ice conditions. In case of sufficiently thick snow cover the hike on the winter landscapes can be also carried out on the back-country skis.