Ice fields of Soomaa

Written by Algis Martsoo for Translation Liis Soomaa has nearly 2000 hectares of water meadows. Unfortunately we don’t know precisely how many of them are ice-covered – at least half or 1000 hectares are surely under ice after the present winter floods. The flood ice has formed not only in the water meadows but Read More …

Here We Go Again!

There is not much to add about the infographic created by Algis. 1 picture is worth of 100 words. If you want to experience the Fifth Season in “real life”, do not come too late!  

4 metres

Water level in flooded Soomaa national park rised last day yesterday, and according to measurments of Riisa hydrological station reached 4 metres and 1 millimeter ! Now it is going slowly down, Flood is still there whole week, but level is less and less every day.